One Voice Event – 28th March 2015

On Saturday 28th March 2015 parents came together at the Welcome Centre in Coventry.

Feedback from the event will appear shortly, and in the meantime here are some photos from the day:



welcome centre photo 4 welcome centre photo 9 welcome centre photo 12


Coventry SEND Local Offer

In reference to the SEND reforms all local authorities need to produce a local offer as highlighted in the Code of Practice, it states
“Local authorities must publish a Local Offer, setting out in one place information about provision they expect to be available across education, health and social care for children and young people in their area who have SEN or are disabled, including those who do not have Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans. In setting out what they ‘expect to be available’, local authorities should include provision which they believe will actually be available. ”   (Code of Practice 2014)
Please click on the link below for the Coventry Local Offer

SEND Reforms Event (13th May 2014)

The SEND Reforms Event took place on Tuesday 13th May at the Welcome Centre, Coventry.

The event was well attended by around 100 people and the feedback received has been very positive.

You can download the presentations from the evening by clicking the following links:

Jane Friswell – Chief Executive – Nasen

* Getting in on the Act: The 2014 SEND Reforms explained

Marian Simpson – SEN Management Services – Coventry City Council

* Coventry’s Progress towards the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Reforms 2014

* Kellie Jones – Chair of One Voice Parents’ Group



Open letters to schools, further education, teachers and parents on the SEND reforms

Children’s minister Edward Timpson has written to teachers, colleges, local authorities and parents about the SEND reforms.

These letters describe the changes the Department for Education is introducing in September 2014 to improve support for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

The first 3 letters ask local authorities, colleges and teachers working with children with SEND to implement the reforms correctly.

The fourth letter is for parents of children with SEND and explains what the move to the new system will mean for them and their family.

SEND Reform Event 20th March 2014 – Programme, Presentations, Photos and Questions and Answers

On behalf of the One Voice Parents Group I would like to thank all the parents, carers, professionals and information stand representatives that attended the SEND Reform event at the Welcome Centre on Thursday 20th March 2014.

The event was very well attended and the feedback from the event has been excellent.

Following on from the event, I would like to provide links to the presentations from the day, just click on the presentation title to download it:

SEND Reform Event Programme

Special Educational Needs and Disability Reforms 2014 – Philippa Stobbs

Parent Carer Forums and the SEND Reform – Sarah Thomas

Coventry’s Progress towards the Special Educational Needs and Disability Reforms – Marian Simpson

The Art of Being Brilliant – Darrell Woodman

Questions and Answers from the day

During the day, attendees were invited to ask questions by writing them on post-it notes and putting them on the wall.  Those questions have now been answered and the responses can be found by clicking here.


Once again, I thank you for being part of the day.

Photos from the day:


Lorraine Tolley

Supporting the One Voice Parents Group